Focus Point, an educational institute, took the step of launching a website and software with mobile app connected in order to keep the students updated about notices and all the media updates. Also, students invoices are also updated on their portal.
Focus point does not allow any new registrations through a mobile application, rather it allows it own students to log in on app with their own credentials and stay logged in for receiving notifications on alerts and notices.
Students cannot log in through social accounts, rather they can log in only through the login access provided to them.
Only existing students can log in and check the application. Those who are not students currently can only receive the global messages or updates and can also contact the admins through the Support options provided on the main screen.
No, any personal data is collected by the application.
Focus point application has no third party access except SMS API integration which allows the registered users to receive the notifications sent by management or faculty.
All the personal details of registered students are never disclosed by focus point.

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