CSS 2024 English I & II by Ms. Saima Shahzad

CSS 2024 English I & II by Ms. Saima Shahzad | Recorded Session Only |

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  • Step wise Precis writing.
  • Techniques of Precis Writing.
  • Example of Precis Writing. 

  • Basics of Vocabulary.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms.
  • Homonyms and Homographs.
  • Prefixes, Suffixes and Bases.
  • Denotation and Connotation.
  • Literal and Figurative Usage.
  • Analogies.
  • Context Clues.

  • Simple Present and Present Progressive.
  • Progressive and Non-progressive verb.
  • Exercise: Simple Present & Present Progressive.
  • Vocabularies.
  • Exercise: Completing the Sentence.

  • Step Wise Precis Writing & Techniques.
  • Position of the Topic Sentence.
  • Examples of the Topic Sentence.
  • Practice Question Precis Writing.

  • Exercise: Present Continuous or Present Simple. 
  • Present Perfect Tense (Explanation & Exercise).
  • Present Perfect Continuous(Explanation & Exercise)
  • Exercise: Present Perfect & Present Perfect Cont.
  • Confusing words ( Exercise & Explanation).

  • Precis: Step by Step workout.
  • Solution for precis.
  • Precis Exercise: The Earth untapped and Renewable Energy Resources.
  • Paraphrasing and Summarizing worksheet.
  • Exercise: One word Substitution.
  • Further Exercises: Paraphrasing changes in Tenses.
  • Wordy & Short Forms list of one word substitution.
  • Precis: Important Points.
  • How to write a title of Precis Passage.
  • Assignment: Precis Writing.
  • Reference Books.
  • List of website for articles and news. 

  • Vocabulary Introduction.
  • Examples & Basic Methods of Vocabularies.
  • Exercise: Confusing Words.
  • List of Idioms, Meanings & It's Sentences.
  • How to use Idioms in a Paragraph.

  • Paragraph Writing: What is a Paragraph?
  • Features of a Paragraph.
  • Examples of a Paragraph.
  • Writing the Topic Sentence.
  • Good Supporting Sentences, It's Kinds & Examples.
  • Good Concluding Sentences, It's Kinds & Examples.
  • Analyzing & Writing Concluding Sentences.
  • Exercise: Confusing Words & False Friends.

  • Writing a Composition: Logical Devices.
  • Cohesive Devices: List of Items for Writing a Comp.
  • Grammatical and Lexical Linking Devices.
  • How to use Transitions & It's Examples.
  • Listing Order & It's Exercise.
  • Simple Past & Present Perfect Tense.
  • Exercise: Simple Past & Present Perfect Tense.
  • Past Continuous & Past Simple Tense.
  • Exercise: Past Continuous & Simple Past Tense.
  • Important Guidelines for Precis Writing.

  • Expository Style of Writing & It's Types.
  • Paragraph Development by Listing with Examples.
  • Paragraph Development by Comparison with Examples.
  • Paragraph Development by Contrast with Examples.
  • Paragraph Development by Classification & Examples
  • Paragraph Development by Cause & Effect & Examples
  • Exercise: Various Methods of Paragraph Development
  • Important Points: How to write a Paragraph. 

  • Guidelines: How to attempt a Comprehension Passage
  • Exercise: Comprehension Passage with Questions.
  • Guidelines: How to write Answers of Comprehension.
  • Answers of the Comprehension Exercise.
  • H.w.: Comprehension Passage.

  • Descriptive Writing Style: Explanation & Its Types
  • Descriptive Paragraph: Explanation.
  • Samples of Factual Descriptive Paragraph.
  • Samples of Descriptive Figurative Paragraph
  • Samples of Personalized Descriptive Paragraph.
  • Assignment Topics for Descriptive Writing
  • Guidelines for Descriptive Writing.
  • Exercise: Complete the Sentences Using Idioms.

  • Problems with Irregular Verbs
  • Practice Exercise of Irregular Verbs with Examples
  • Problem Verbs with Examples & It's Exercise.
  • Difference Between Past Tense & Past Perfect Tense
  • Past Perfect and Past Perfect Continuous Tense
  • Exercise: Past Simple & Past Perfect Tense.
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense Tense & Its Exercise.

  • Practice Questions for Precis Writing.
  • Guidelines for Precis Writing.
  • Practice Questions for Precis Writing. 

  • Structure of an Essay: International Essay Format.
  • What is an Essay? Difference b/w Essay & Paragraph
  • The Forms of an Essay
  • How to write a Good Introduction of an Essay.
  • Guidelines: How to write an Introductory Para.
  • Sample for Intro Para: Impacts of Global Pandemic.
  • Guidelines: How to write a thesis Statement.
  • Sample Thesis Statement: Fake News & Social Media.
  • Sample: How to write a main body Paragraph.

  • Point and Support in an Essay.
  • Supporting Paragraph Details & Examples.
  • Practicing Exercise: Example of the topic Sentence
  • Facts: Explanation and Examples.
  • Facts: Practicing Exercise.

  • Forms of an Essay.
  • How to write an Introduction based on a Funnel approach.
  • Future Tense & It's Exercises.
  • Exercise: Present Continuous or Present Simple.
  • Future Continuous, Perfect & Perfect Continuous.
  • Exercise: Future Continuous or Simple Present.
  • Exercise: Using will be (do)ing or will have done.
  • Translation: Present Indefinite Tense.
  • Tense Exercise: Active Voice and Passive Voice.
  • Vocabularies.

  • The Voice: Active/Passive Explanation.
  • Transitive and Intransitive Verbs Explanation.
  • Rules: Helping Verb (Be Present, Past & Future)
  • Imperative & Interrogative Sentences Explanation.
  • When to use Active/Passive Voice.
  • How to use Active/Passive Voice.
  • Exercise: Change the active to the passive.
  • Exercise: Change the active to passive if possible
  • Exercise: Change the active sentences to passive.
  • Exercise: Change the following into passive voice.
  • Practice Exercise: Mixed Tenses: Letters.
  • Correct Usage of Tenses: (Active Voice).
  • Present Indefinite Tense with Exercise.
  • Present Continuous & Present Perfect with Exercise.

  • Intro. of Expository Essays: Factual Background.
  • Introduction of Expository Essays: By Definition.
  • Introduction of Expository Essays: Using Quotation
  • Introduction for Reflective (Quotational) Essays.
  • The Episodic or Narrative (Anecdotal openings)
  • Sample: Anecdotal Introduction.
  • The Basic Outline of a Paper for Short/Long Essay.
  • How write an Outline of the Essay.
  • Writing Practice - Essay.
  • Tips for the essay: How to write an Essay.
  • Reading Material for the Essay.
  • Practice Material: Idioms, Precis and Tenses.

  • Conditional Sentences.
  • Conditional Sentences | 'If' Clause.
  • Conditional Sentences | True in the Present/Future.
  • Conditional Sentences | Untrue in Present/Future.
  • Conditional Sentences | Untrue in the Past.
  • Conditional Sentences | Exercise Questions.
  • Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.

  • Rules of Narration.
  • Statements and Exclamations in Indirect Speech.
  • Exercise questions related to Reported Speech.
  • Questions and Commands in Indirect Speech.
  • Questions related to Imperative Sentences.
  • Narration | Interrogative Sentences.
  • Rules for interrogative in Narration.
  • Narration | Optative Sentences.
  • Exercise questions | Questions and Commands.
  • Exercise questions related to Imperative Sentences.
  • Translation Exercise.

  • Figurative Precis from past Papers.
  • Sample Precis.
  • Passage solving from Past Paper.
  • Past Papers | Questions related to Indirect Speech.
  • Homework | Question Related to Narration.
  • What is a Subject Verb Agreement?
  • Subject-Verb Agreement | Singular Subject and Verb.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement | Plural Subject and Verb.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement | Compound subject.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement | Collective Nouns.
  • Subject-Verb Agreement | Indefinite Pronoun.
  • What is Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement.
  • Rule A : Subject-Verb Agreement.
  • Exercise Questions : Subject-verb Agreement. 

  • Quick Review on Singular Subjects
  • Rule B: Basic Subject - Verb Agreement
  • Rule C:Subject-Verb Agreement: Some Irregularities
  • Exercise Questions
  • Subject-Verb : Identifying Errors in paragraph
  • Quick Review on Collective Nouns
  • What are the Singular Nouns Ending in S
  • Quick Review on Subjects & Verbs
  • Translation exercise
  • Passage Explanation From Past Papers.

  • What is a Structure of a Sentence?
  • What is a Clause?
  • What are the dependent and Independent Clauses?
  • What is a Simple Sentence?
  • What is a Compound Sentence?
  • Difference between Simple and Compound Sentences
  • How to Identify Simple Or Compound Sentence
  • What are Combining Sentences
  • What are Synthesis of sentence
  • Exercise Questions related to Compound Sentences
  • How a compound sentence made? 

  • Argumentative Essay Outline
  • How to organize Argument Essay
  • How to write Introductory paragraph
  • Sample of Turn-about introduction
  • What is a Thesis
  • What is the Formula to write Thesis Statement
  • Sample of how to write Thesis
  • What is the Body in Argument Essay
  • Sample answer on how to start an essay
  • how to Brainstorm the points
  • How to make an Outline
  • What are the ways to support your Argument
  • How to write the main body paragraph
  • How to write concession
  • How to write rebuttals
  • How to write the Opposing point of view
  • How to Refute in an Essay
  • Steps to write an Argumentative Essay
  • What are the Phrases to Consider
  • What are the Transitions
  • How to use Topic Sentence
  • How to write the Conclusion
  • Classic Model for an Argument.

  • Clauses
  • Subordinate Clause
  • Subordinate Adverb Clause
  • Complex Sentences
  • Synthesis into Complex Sentence
  • Subordinating Conjunctions
  • Exercise Questions Related to Complex Sentences
  • Adjective Subordinate Clause
  • Relative Pronoun
  • Exercise Questions related to Relative Pronoun
  • Adverb Clause
  • Coordinate Clause
  • Noun Clause
  • Relationship between Conjunctions and Clauses
  • Main Clause
  • Coordinate Clause
  • Subordinate Adjective Clause
  • Subordinate Adverb Clause
  • Subordinate Noun Clause
  • What is a Sentence
  • Subclasses of Sentences
  • Multiple Sentence
  • Elliptical Sentences
  • Adjective Clauses
  • What is a Consistent Tense
  • Exercise questions Related to Consistent Sentences.

  • Punctuation
  • Terminal Punctuation marks
  • Practice Questions
  • Capital letters
  • Comma
  • Exercise Questions of Capital letters
  • Where to place comma
  • Practice Questions related to Commas
  • Usage of Commas.

  • Kinds of Adjective Clauses
  • Restrictive and Non-Restrictive Adjective Clauses
  • Example of Adjective Clauses
  • Exercise questions of Adjective Clauses
  • Error Identifying questions of Adjective Clauses
  • Synthesis Questions of Adjective Clauses
  • Usage of Semi colon
  • Exercise Questions of Semicolon
  • Translation Passage
  • Usage of Colons
  • Sample Question of Colon
  • Erroneously used of Commas
  • Questions related to Commas
  • Usage of Apostrophe
  • Where to use Apostrophe
  • Usage of Parenthesis
  • Usage of Brackets
  • Usage of Dashes
  • Questions related to Brackets and Dashes
  • Usage of Hyphen
  • Examples of Hyphen
  • Exercise Questions.

  • How to write General Quotational Essay
  • Example Quotational Essay : Pen mightier than sword
  • How to start Quotational Essay
  • Sample of introduction and thesis
  • Further dimensions: Pen mightier than sword
  • Important Essays
  • Parallel structure
  • Examples of parallel structure
  • Exercises of parallel structure
  • Translation exercise. 

Ms. Saima Shahzad has a vast experience of more than two decades in the teaching field.

She has to her credit a double Masters in English Literature and Linguistics as well as a degree in Clinical Psychology from The Kinnaird College Lahore and the University of Punjab. Besides, She has attended courses and taught Business Communication, Business Studies, and Organizational Psychology.


As a Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Certified English Subject Specialist, Ms. Saima has been teaching the CSS (Civil Superior Service)

English Paper 1 and paper I to CSS aspirants, Professionals at Focus Point, Karachi for the last 10 years.


As a Senior faculty for English and Business Communication, Business Management Presentation skills.

Ms. Saima has been associated with two leading institutes:

Tabani's School of Accountancy

Here since 2002, She has been teaching Functional English, Business Communication, and currently She is teaching Business Writing and Comprehension Skills course [BWCS], Business Studies [ITB] at TSA. Thousands of her students are now working successfully in the industry and acknowledge her meticulous approach towards Language acquisition and skill building.


Since 2012, Ms. Saima has been the leading faculty and Programme Head for CSS and CA courses. Focus Point is a pioneer in technology-aided instructional learning and has its own LMS platforms for recorded and online classes as well applications in android and IOS.

Here at Focus Point, not only she teaches CA - PRC 1 Business writing and Comprehension Skills and PRC 5 Business Studies recorded and online classes, but also conducts all Css classes exclusively from this platform.

Trainings and Short Courses Conducted by her

  • From Basic Writing Skills for beginners to Professional Business Writing Courses

  • Personality and Self-esteem development trainings to Enhancing Interpersonal Skills.

  • Professional level - Presentation Skills and Interview Skills.

  • IELTS and Toefel Courses

CSS 2024 English I & II by Ms. Saima Shahzad



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CSS 2024 English I & II by Ms. Saima Shahzad

CSS 2024 English I & II by Ms. Saima Shahzad | Recorded Session Only |

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